Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
In this day and age every business should have a website. It puts your company in front of an audience of millions, and allows you to project your image onto the Web. It also gives your business a huge degree of credibility, allowing you to send emails from an official address and produce stationery with your official web address on. It can also perform many other tasks such as providing information on all your services, and allowing customers to contact you 24 hours a day. It can also perform simple tasks such as providing directions to your customers and giving them your contact details and support.
A website is a profile plus advertisement for the business available for view 24 X 7 X 365.
This depends entirely upon the size and scope of the individual project. Once you have filled in a website brief form we will give you, as part of your quote, a timescale indication. We endeavour to be a flexible as possible and if you have a specific timescale in mind let us know and we will tell you if we think meeting your needs within that timescale will be possible or not.
Because of the way we work with our clients a lot of time can be taken up waiting for clients to approve various stages of design or to come back to us with amendments. The overall length of the project is heavily influenced by how quickly you communicate back to us and how quickly you are able to get content to us.
How long will it take you to design my website?
What if I don't like the website you design?
To try and minimalise any nasty shocks we offer a pre-design service which means we provide you with 2 visual website mock-ups before we go ahead and build your site for real. This not only provides you with time to refine and amend your requirements, but it means the end product will be something you have had as little or as much input into creating as you want. Its surprising how many people think a green background, red text and a flashing logo will look nice - when we mock it up and they see what this actually looks like minds soon change! its a pretty extreme example but similar things frequently happen.
Is there any free maintenance provided for websites  you develop ?
Yes, we provide 1 month free maintenance and we will fix problem if you face any in our solution. Remember free maintenance is only for solution we have provided to clients , if there is any additional functionality required then we have to charge extra for that.
How do you work from remote for your  overseas clients?
We are online on Gmail(Gtalk) and Skype most of the time. Right from the beginning we upload our work to server and client can review that and suggest changes from time to time. Client can discuss about his website using Gtalk or phone or mail whichever mode is suitable for them. Further you may also use the Contact form that is available on our website.
How do I know how many people are visiting my site?
If you want, we can add some code to your website that will add a page counter. You will then be able to track account and find out what your traffic is like .
I already have a website but it needs some updating - do you offer that service?
YES. We will update website's completely with the same layout or different if you require along with  fresh content or with new graphics and navigation. All we ask is that we are given full access to the server by your ISP so we can update your pages. We'll need the address and a username and password before we can access your site on another ISPs server. For a quote please contact us directly with your requirements
I have a website, but I can't find it in Search engines. Why is this?
Just having a website does not mean that you will automatically get listed in any search engines. To get listed in a search engine a number of factors come into play, including how your site was coded and put together (is it search engine friendly?), the market you operate within, the sites user friendliness and inbound and outbound links. In addition, your site is likely NOT to be indexed and listed in a search engine unless it has been manually submitted to a specific engine.
Also because you can't see your site in the listings, It does not mean that your site isn't listed! Getting a top 5 or even a 1st page listing is almost unheard of for a new or small website (depending on competition) so don't expect your website to be the first thing that pops up when you do a search for it!
Oh yes, remember, your site must be submitted to the Search Engines.
What are your payment terms?
For all projects we charge 50% advance to start , 25% halfway and rest after completion of project. For projects below EUR 500 we charge 40% advance and rest after completion of website.

For special promotional offers the payment option differs.

All prices quoted are in  EUR only
Why do I need a website?